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17/12/11 A(dult) holiday -part 3

The morning after…….

I have always been an early riser.I  wake up early irrespective of what time i go to bed. That morning it took me a little time to register where i was and looking around… i saw Lara’s a cuddled up on Veer’s side. I smiled…. the wonderful thoughts of last night flitting around in my head.

I climbed out of bed… slipped on my robe and  put the kettle on to make myself my cuppa.. leaving it to boil…i went looking for the paper…i came back to find Lara awake lazily stretching .. ” coffee ?” i asked her… she nodded… i poured some more water in the kettle and and started assembling the cups. Just then i feet her arms snake around my waist… caught me completely  by surprise and almost like a reflex i  turned to her….she was standing there in front of me, naked in all her glory…. she looked even better in the morning light… she has this little mole on the side of her breasts that i hadn’t noticed last night and it was kinda cute and appealing in a weird way.

She tugged at the band of my robe…freeing it. I felt the warmth of her breath as she moved closer to me, touching my breasts and gently massaging them… it made me moan with pleasure. i closed my eyes just enjoying her sensual loving touch. Soon her fingers were replaced by her tongue… her tongue was drawing shapes on my breast teasing me while her other hand reached out to my other breast squeezing it. I moved my hands to her tits, squeezing them, rubbing her nipples between my fingers. She drew my nipples into her mouth n began sucking on them, and just as  suddenly bit my nipple, i drew back in the  pain… but that very pain sending a stronger signal of arousal though me.

She continued on, moving lower… trailing kisses on my belly giving my navel special attention just the way i liked it . I ran my fingers thru her hair as her lips brushed against the short, trimmed hair of my pussy and I knew she could smell and taste the wetness down there. I lifted my legs and placed it on the chair nearby giving her better access . She moved slowly, licking every inch of  me. When her tongue reached my clit i couldn’t help but gasp  with pleasure. My hands moved to cling on to the table behind us for support.. my legs feeling weak .I didn’t trust them anymore.

She was  running her tongue up the length of my pussy  to my clit, flicking it quickly back and forth sending waves of pleasure thru me.

I felt this strong urge to taste her too…  i forced her to stand up, our lips met, we kissed passionately, i could taste my juices on her lips.

I walked her to the lounger…  ” lets 69″ i said ” i want to taste you”.It was a tight fit on the lounger but at this point we didn’t mind too much, we were too consumed with desire.

She went back to work on pleasuring my pussy as I spread her apart with my fingers and found her clit, which was swollen and huge, and pursed my lips around it, sucking gently, before my tongue started lapping at her slit her muffled grunts telling me she was loving it… I lavished attention on her pulsing clit and she returned the favor by snaking  her tongue deep inside me, sliding it in and out of me…i was sooo close to release but i wanted to hold on…

I planted my whole mouth over her clit , licking and sucking as I pumped a couple of fingers in and out of her. I heard a loud OHH ! followd by her tongue moving deeper into me… I continued to finger-fuck her, licking her while spreading her thighs out a little further… she was moaning loudly… warning me she was close.

She stiffened her tongue and pushed it into my hole while rubbing my clit with her thumb. ‘Ohh God!’  i squealed as she tongue-fucked me. She was taking me higher and closer. Her relentless moves pushed me over the brink to a shuddering release .

I continued working my fingers into her sliding in and out of her hole… sucking on her clit . I added a third finger into her pussy , filling her up , her moans lead to screams and in a minute i felt her body shake to a wonderful orgasm.I spread the palm of my hand onto her mound making sure she felt the warm pleasure till the last second of her orgasm.

We slowly untangled ourselves from each other  and sat up on the lounger… the sunlight was flitting through the curtains and noticed Veer was up, probably awaken by our moans…lol… he had his cigarette between his lips, lazily stroking his hardness.

Judging from his hardness, he must have been awake and watching for a while.

I walked over to the bed, slid in next to him and pulled the sheets up around us, Veer stubbed out the cigarette and turned to kiss me… i reached down to stroke his harness…kissing him back passionately.

I pulled back to look at his face….he was smiling the most indulgent smile. He said ” Gooood Morning my love ”  and i replied it with another kiss.

At that very moment…. I loved him more than every before and i wanted him as badly as always.


Naughty Girl

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16/12/2011/- A(dult) Holiday – part 2

So, we asked Lara, the girl in the red bikini to join us for a drink and to our surprise she readily agreed. She was on holiday with a group that was much older and people she didnt know too well.

It was an evening of drinks, lazy flirting & comfortable idle conversation during the course of which we discovered that Lara was bi curios and very turned on by our act outside on the hammock.

Lara n i were comfortably settle on the couch and Veer on the lounger opposite us . Lara had slipped on a white cotton shirt over her bikini that came upto mid thigh, she couldn’t be taller than about  5′ 4″ or so with a full bust, shapely hips and a firm flat stomach. She was most appealing & i knew Veer felt the same coz by now he was looking at her with open desire.

I leaned towards her to tuck  the straying strand of hair behind her ears… when i was struck by her doe like eyes and her pouty red lips. She leaned towards me and gently press her soft, full lips to mine. We kissed , our tongues entwining tasting each other,my breasts pressed against hers. I felt her hand caressing my shoulder moving all the way up to the base of my neck and playing with my hair, i reach down touching her full tits, squeezing gently ……i pulled back to look at her face, wondering if she like her experiment of touching a woman. She was smiling a sly shy smile.

I ran my hand over her arm, entwining my fingers with hers and kiss the back of her hand. I reach out for my glass, sipping my vodka and looking over at Veer, one look at his shorts and i know what this little scene has done to him.

I stood up, pulling Lara along with me, we walked over to Veer…. he reached out … caressing the side of our thigh…. i take off my t shirt and throw it to the side standing there in just my bra, she takes off her white shirt, standing there in her red bikini showing off her gorgeously curved body.

Veer pulls us down on the lounger on either side of him… i lean closer to Lara, kissing her pulling Veer into the kiss…our tongues meeting proding and exploring one another. He pulls us closer into him  crushing my breasts and Lara’s voluptuous ones against Veer’s chest.

I break away as Veer continues to kiss her. Slipping the strap of her bikini off her shoulder…pushing her hair back and kissing the nape of her neck, caressing her back , unbuttoning her bikini….freeing her breasts.

She breaks the kiss to take off her bikini, aware of our admiring glance. she throws her biking to the side flashing the beautifully rounded size c with cherry nipples.

She seductively reaches up cupping her breasts ..almost offering them to us.I bent my head over one… while Veer took care of the other.. sucking gently  her on pink nipple, squeezing her full tits, teasingly  licking around her nipples before  pull it into his mouth for a sensuous suck. I hear Lara catch her breath and moan pushing her head back and enjoying it… i trail kisses on her belly , down her thigh… and nuzzle my face into her pussy through the moist thong .

Lara stands up , does her sexy stripper bit while taking off her thong.. She turns around and thrusts her ass out .. asking us if we wanted to spank her, we laugh and *smack* , her cheeks turning red… she slides out of her thong .

Veer pulls her down , making her kneel on the floor…. pulling her by her hair and kissing her… whispering, “so you like to tease, er? ” . He smacks her tits. Taken by surprise she winces, he reaches down kissing her hard on her lips, reaching for my nipples and pinching them,  making me moan, pushing me onto the floor to kneel besides Lara. He moves his head to mine, kissing me hard. He smacks her tits again… moves to kiss her, pinching my nipples and then  kissing me, alternating turning us both on, making us crave more attention. Lara whoz never been exposed to pain,evidently loving the little sting Veer’s fingers were leaving on her skin. Veer sough her lips again and this time reaches down to her pussy , touching her soaking wet sweetness,  his fingers slid up until he found the little nub of her clit, and he began to caress her in slow circles. she let out a little cry and her back arched and she got the release she was craving.

I unzip his shorts pulling out his throbbing hard cock.. stroking him.. i cajol him back on the lounger. Wink at Lara and guide her head down to his shaft with me, we begin licking in unison, our tongues touching… we licked up and down the entire length.He relaxes, lights up a smoke and watch us feast on him. Lara moved her mouth up to the head of his cock licking and tasting and moaned slightly as she  piercing her lips with his cock. she lovingly swirled her tongue around the  head and worked it in and out between her lips. I moved down, my tongue gently lapping at his balls , taking them into my mouth one at a time.. tongue swirling around. Veer let out a grunt of ecstasy, stubbed out his cigarette and moved forward… grabbing my tits and reaching down to squeeze Lara’s tight ass.

” We should move this to the bed ” says Veer ….. standing up and undressing while we settle in bed… kissing .. hands all over each. He joins us on the bed… we kiss…caress , lick. I lay Veer down,he pulls Lara onto him…Lara mounts his hips, i guide the head of his cock to her opening watching Lara slowly pushed back onto his cock almost forcing it into her tight pussy. She rotated her hips… grinding on him slowly getting used to having his hardness in her.

Veer cups breasts, squeezing them gently, i move my lips to hers.. kissing her  …Veer’s hand moves to her waist… gently rocking her on his cock.Lara sat upright, her back arched thrusting his breasts out for me,i oblige bending my head down and gently biting one nipple while pinching the other.

She began to increase her pace as she pumped up and down on his cock. A girlish look of ecstasy on her face. l move back behind Lara , settling down between Veers legs ,my tongue once more swirled across his balls,  move up further to lick his shaft. As Lara lifted her hips to withdraw from him for another penetrating stroke, i would follow with my tongue. with each stroke i licked the underside of his shaft clean of Lara’s pussy juice.

She flung herself forward on his chest..he pulled her close… kissing her.. grabbing her tits and massaging them. Lara was moaning loudly now as she pounded herself faster on Veer’s cock and suddenly she moan loud as she went over the edge and came so beautifully.In a few minutes Lara climber off him.

I got back to work on his cock my tongue making it stiffen again.. he pulled me to him… i slid my wet pussy onto  his hardness…. and started riding him, bouncing on his cock. Lara sucking on my tits taking me to pleasure like never before… i let out a cry as i felt my juices flow onto his stiffness. I continued riding him till i felt him grab my hair and shoot his warm load inside me.

The three of us  lay in bed cuddling & talking  till we drifted off to sleep.

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16/12/2011 A(dult) Holiday – part 1

heyyy diary !

I was out on holiday and so haven’t written.

We (my bf n i ) love these holidays, always gives us a chance to explore…. each other & our limits.

We checked into this lovely cottage  on this beautifully landscaped property, with a view of the sea. When we set out to explore the property,we  were pleasantly surprised to see that in spite of the resort being full, there were some secluded spots and where nudity was allowed and sun bathing semi naked was a common site. We had  seen womens’ breasts being caressed by their lovers’ hands and mouths, and we were privy to seeing semi-erect penises being lazily stroked by the ladies . The whole atmosphere was sexually charged and arousing as hell . I could feel the moisture between my legs making my lips slippery.

We ordered our drinks, and decided to settle down on the hammock right outside our cottage and watch the sun go down…  i have to tell you this,  i am bi sexual. i love men & definitely like women.

Veer got up to get us our refill, he drags a chair and sits besides the hammock. I wondered why, i looked behind me , there was this girl in a red bikini on the bench behind us, reading and also curiously looking at us every now and then.

he says to me in loud voice -” i wanna slide my hard cock deep in your pussy right now”

I moan ,the thought of his hardness entering me always excites me.

He pulls me to my feet.. kissing me,our lips and tongue dancing that only we could feel , he was unbuttoning my jeans, pushing it down to my ankle..i feel the cool breeze hitting my naked legs .  I grind my crotch into his hardness, kissing him, his hands cupping my breasts under my top…. squeezing.  We kissed some more, our lips softly massaging each others, our tongues playing together in our mouths.

He pushes me back on the hammock facing him, he gazes behind me, i know from the admiring look on his face that the girl in the red bikini is  still there, pretending to read her book….

His fingers caress my thigh, brushing against my panties…teasing … he reaches forward…. pushing my t shirt up above my breasts…. pulling my bra down…..the cool evening breeze on my nipples causing them to stiffen…. he twisted my nipples between his forefnger and thumb a moan escapes my lips….i close my eyes . With his other hand he tugs my panties off and drops it on the floor. He moves his hand up on my legs, across my thighs, spreading my legs wider  and rubs my clit in circles making me moan louder … he slides his finger into my pussy, finger fucking me ,taking me to a crescendo till i feel my body shudder in an orgasm. he scoops out my juices, and brushing them on my lips…  i smile at him and say “i want cock ” . He whips out his hardness stroking it . i move forward.. he pulls off my t shirt. I stroke him feeling every inch of his hardness , moving my mouth onto his dick, flicked my tongue across the head and watched his reaction with a smile  as I stared into his face…I take his entire cock head into my mouth, licking it, wrapping my moist lips around it sucking, licking and generally teasing him mercilessly.he reaches down for my breasts…tugging and tweaking … I moved my head up and down, having him slid in and out of my moist mouth settling into a pace that he loves…. pulls out only to tell him ” Cum in my mouth sweetheart.. i want to taste your load of cum”  and soon i could feel his  cum shooting up into my mouth.

i swirl his cum in my mouth …. tasting …. not swallowing yet…

i look back … the girl in the red bikini is still on that bench… her book on her lap… and now staring at us openly….

i pull my bra into place…. pull on my tee shirt….  walk across to her…. sticking my tongue out cum dripping…. lick my lips, swallow his load … smile at her taking in her well rounded breasts, sexy tanned legs and say..” yumm ! do you want some ……..” winks ;)

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Blast from the past


Today was supposed to be a wonderful day , catching up with friends for lunch and then a movie. Took extra care in dressing up , always do when i meet the girls. Its so much easier to look good for a man while with a woman, she takes in nail polish, lipstick shade, handbag brand etc etc… down to  your push up bra.

So, i get into the car… random thoughts floating through my mind.. when my phone rings… it an unfamiliar number, but at this moment id have answered any call.

I put on my öh so sexy voice that i reserve for the phone…

ME : Hello

Stranger with a husky voice  ( SHV) : Helloo, is that aisha ma’am

ME : Yes

SHV : Its me Anand from Trivandrum

ME : ………….. ah !! anand, tell me …. how are you?

SHV : i am good ( in perfect eng) i am working with your uncle , he wanted your mail id & phone number to send you an invite. I got the phone number from your mother , can you give me your mail id?

ME :Sure … note…

SHV : no maam, pls save my number and sms it to me.

ME : Sure .. will do.

I hang up, close my eyes, just mentally sorting everything that just happened… the volumes that wasnt spoken in the conv.. the memories that flooded back…. oh! god !! i dont believe its him – ANAND – the little boy from all those years ago…. my first  sexual encounter …..

Anand was a little boy when i met his first , during the summer that i spent with my grand parents…. his mother used to cook for us and he went to school with my cousins, wore their old clothes and used their old books. All of us played together right thru summer… when my cousin teased me mercilessly, anand always took my side… he stole ice for me from the kitchen and did all the sweet things that a young girl could possible want a boy of that age to do.

One day…. he pulled me into a cupboard, and said he had something to show me. the cupboard was dark… i sat still till my eyes adjusted to the dark…he took my hand …. and made me touch something that felt like a finger but with a wetter tip… something stirred in me, intution told me something wasnt right… but i held it in my hand… and i whispered, anand , what is it …. he open the cupboad door a wee bit… so i could see… i guess  i knew what it was right from the first touch, but seeing it ! and that too seeing anand’s well… i dont know…. it evoked unexplainable feeling in me… i gently let go… he was sitting there on his honches, his small cock sticking out .  The he said…. now u’ve seen mine , show me urs .

i think i protested… but it was too late… he pulled my panties aside.. and was staring at my pussy… my bright pink panties to the side and him looking at my pussy, just staring.. i looked into his eyes, and something in them made me stay still… he touched the lips of my pussy, peeled them open… and was looking at my pink insides….

just then i heard a noise…. i jumped up… pulled my panties in place and ran away, far away…


Dear Diary,

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that call, this is just something i had pushed away to the back of my mind. Which girl would want to admit or remember for that matter that she probably felt her first sexual urge so early in life and that too, with a servant boy.

And you know what, the invite Anand was sup to send  never reached … do you think he was just reaching out to me?? was it just an excuse to give me his number???

I wonder if hez been thinking about me. Probably thinks i’m looking for a TOY BOY !! hahahha… now thats a good idea.